Filezilla Server Setup

It seem that new version of Filezilla Server tend to confuse many of us with introduction with complete new UI. This is a basic quick setup of Filezilla Server and some explanation for confusing steps.

***Download FIilezilla from and those who want older version of product here is the link

****Once downloaded start the installer and go through process and make sure to setup admin password to access the server and if you prefer change the admin port number from default one during the installation.

****Next open Filezilla admin interface and click on server and configure

**** Click on server listener and setup listing IP to accept incoming FTP request, usually this is leave as to listen to all address. Also you can define whether you want to you explicit TLS or not.

**** Next click on Users and add user and password. This will be the user / psw that you will be need when connecting from FTP client. Important line on here is virtul and Native path,

Virtual path is slimier to Linux directory and this will be the name directory show when client connect and you can /whatever the name you like. Native Path is where will be this file will be actually save, basically real directory path in computer where data will be saved. Note that Filezilla Server doesn’t support network path.

***Next Apply setting and done!. Server setup is complete.

Note that I didn’t go into detail to setup certs and all other setup. This is a quick and dirty FTP server 🙂