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Cert will not show in IIS after import

Some hosting providers will not provide a traditional SSL cert. This is especially true if you decide to use wild card SSL on your internal IIS server, while it is an issue to your web server hosting provider. In many cases a cert will be provided as a .cer and key file. But IIS will not take…

Image Capture Wizard Fails With Error Code (0x00004005)

This is a solution to resolved image capture error from SCCM while capturing standard image. I was able to successfully resolved error code while I was trying to capture Win 10 latest update image. Basically issues caused my APPX package on Windows store. Only solution is to get rid appx associated profile, so SCCM wouldn’t…

Cisco ISR 4331 IOS and ROMMON Upgrade

Here is the steps to upgrade ISR 4331 GW. You will need to upgrade ROMMON upgrade first if you are going from older ver to new ver. This is specially true when you receive RMA from Cisco for trouble device. Once the upgrade done make sure to enable smart license (Most of the time I…

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