Cisco ISR 4331 IOS and ROMMON Upgrade

Here is the steps to upgrade ISR 4331 GW. You will need to upgrade ROMMON upgrade first if you are going from older ver to new ver. This is specially true when you receive RMA from Cisco for trouble device. Once the upgrade done make sure to enable smart license (Most of the time I keep questioning ” Smartness” ) and get that activated.

ISR4331 – Cisco recommended IOS-XE release 16.12.05 & ROMMON version 16.12(2r).

Step 1:
Copy both ROMMON and IOS images to the bootflash of ISR

copy tftp: bootflash:
copy ftp: bootflash:
copy scp bootflash:

Step 2: Verify MD5 Checksum for both the files.

verify /md5 bootflash:isr4300-universalk9.16.12.05.SPA.bin

verify /md5 bootflash:isr4200_4300_rommon_1612_2r_SPA.pkg

Step 3: Upgrade the ROMMON on the router with the following command

upgrade rom-monitor filename bootflash:isr4200_4300_rommon_1612_2r_SPA.pkg all

Note: Please wait until this process finishes and do not interrupt

Then reload the system to make sure it boots properly.

Step 4: Now set the new boot statement in order to be able to load the new code on the device using the following commands
conf t
no boot system
boot system flash bootflash:isr4300-universalk9.16.12.05.SPA.bin

Step 5: Verify that the boot variable points to the new image using the following command.
show bootvar

Step 6: Now reload the device using the following command