An installation step failed. Kali Linux Install Error

I’ve recently face an error with Kali Linux install in VMware Player and even after giving ample enough space /resources it was keep falling with install step failed and I’ve confirm that VM installer has internet access.

This is pretty much loop back even after restart the install. I’ve tried many times and different methods to install and come back to screen saying hit continue and it will bring up menu that you can skip the step of installing software, pretty much you will loose the GUI and all Kali packages.

After few hours browsing and cursing this the method I used to get kali install and functioning.

**** Basically hit continue and once you come to next step where you have option to skip,skip the step and installer will continue but when kali boot back you will be presented with basic debain shell.

****Log into the shell with your username and password then run these in a order and reboot. Make sure that your Kali can reach to the internet.

This command will install GUI XFACE, after install you will be able to log into Kali GUI.

***sudo apt-get install kali-desktop-xfce

Then you need to update kali install,

***sudo apt update

After this kali need to download base tool set via meta package install. This step will install base Kali tool and some other top tools. You can refer to this link for Kali meta packages in detail

*** sudo apt update && sudo apt install kali-linux

*** sudo apt update && sudo apt install kali-linux-full

Here is a great blog post to install meta packages


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