Installation Failed in Safe_OS Phase with Windows 10 Upgrade

So if you are one of the user has mcafee antivirus, specially the drive encryption enabled, you will run into issue upgrading Win 10 patches or upgrade. Usually the error pretty similar to below,

Image result for windows 10 date  safe_os error

So solution would be upgrading OS via mcafee switch enabled via CMD. Here is what I did,

*****Copy Windows update to C: folder called updates( This was 1903 update and I downloaded it as ISO from Microsoft site and then mount and copied to the folder)

******Then bring up CMD as administrator and type cd c:\update, which change the directory.

******Then run this

Setup.exe /ReflectDrivers “%programfiles%\McAfee\Endpoint Encryption\OSUpgrade


Setup.exe /ReflectDrivers “C:\Program Files\McAfee\Endpoint Encryption\OSUpgrade”

Upgrade should run without and error.

Here is the full KB article link,


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