Godaddy cPanel and Office 365 autodiscover issue. Autodscover not working moving from Godaddy mail to 365

Few days ago I was doing office 365 migration and I had strange issue with outlook not picking up auto discover settings. End customer was setup with godaddy imap mail and want to move to office 365. I can see from 365 panel DNS was setup correctly but whatever the reason, mail client was keep going toward instead ( Yes I pick domain right out of the Microsoft teaching : )

Finally I ran Microsoft connectivity analyzer and it spit out below error,

  1. We got an unexpected autodiscover response.
    We can see that your mailbox is in Office 365. However, AutoDiscover service seems to have configuration issues that prevent Outlook to connect o Office 365. An intermediate web server at is interfering with AutoDiscover service and responding with incomplete data.

Your administrator need to either remove or correct the AutoDiscover component from

To work around this issue if your administrator can’t resolve the above soon, please take the following action:

Create an Outlook registry key to exclude the HTTPS root domain. For more information about how to do this, see the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article: 2212902Important Excluding the HTTPS root domain is not a long-term solution for this issue. This workaround is provided as immediate relief for it. As soon as your administrator resolves the above AutoDiscover issue, the Outlook registry key must be removed.
You need to either remove or correct the AutoDiscover component from If is managed by a web hosting provider, please contact them, and make sure that the web server is not responding to Autodiscover requests.

I read through several auto discovery troubleshooting article but none point to correct solution but after few read through I found a article at go daddy portal which point me to correct solution. Also last part of the above error log point to godaddy setup instead actually 365 or dns config error.

So this issue cause by godaddy cPanel pointing all mail request to particular domain to thier internal hosting server. I’m not sure why godaddy do this but again I’m not admin for godaddy.

Also this also cause headache if you are current office365 customer via godaddy setup but if you decide to go to office 365 and host your mail. Because I seen many posting related to issue with moving from godaddy version of 365 to MS direct office 365 exchange. But surprisingly godaddy tech support has no clue and also MS support. Ms support solution would be adding a reg key to stop going https look up for autodiscover but this won’t solve the problem with mobile devices.

Okey enough with rant and here is the solution,

Log into godaddy and from My Product page click mange next to domain hosting

Click on three dot and click on settings

Then click on cPanel admin

Then you will end up in cpanel and then go to email section and click on Email Routing

once you there configure email routing and select Remote Mail Exchanger and change.

Also you can click on Zone editor and edit correct MX entry and point that to office 365 mx entry.

After that mail client will point to correct place without and issue.


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