How to Uninstall Microsoft Office 2011 (Mac)

So here I bring one of the best article I’ve visited so many times up until last month. It is surprising to see how many users still use old Office 2011 but again everything getting way expensive and really how many of us really need latest and the greatest ( Except all the apple share holders ūüôā )

Anyways, I’m going to copy past article entirely, because there is nothing to edit. Even though it says OS X 10.7 nothing change even for the latest OS. So all the credit goes to

Just a few cent from me, before do anything try to do time machine backup and make sure you don’t have anything sitting in the trash that you need again. Yes backup takes time but it take even longer if you have to reload system!!

  1. Start Finder, go to Applications and delete the folder Microsoft Office 2011.
  • Navigate to¬†the system library.¬†NB! Please keep in mind that all users have their own library as well.
  • Open¬†Internet Plug-Ins¬†and delete all Sharepoint files.

  • Return to the library and open¬†LaunchDaemons.
  • Delete¬†

  • Go back to the library and open¬†Preferences.
  • Delete¬†

  • Navigate to the folder¬†PrivilegedHelperTools, also in the system library.
  • Find the file called¬†¬†and delete it.
  • Empty the trash and restart the computer to complete the operation.

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