Well why I’m doing this?

As techs we all brows through many many KB articles,manuals and of course other people works and post on forums and blogs good part of our daily lives trying to solve problems. But what I’ve seen is many of theses are in vast internet post, forums and pages and no inter connections.

I do not know how many times I had to read through many of the KB and manuals and post to get one thing function with network gears and servers/PCs. During my work life I’ve thought to myself may be million times why don’t we see some thing like “how to get old Astaro or SG to work with Sophos UTM home version? “or “how to setup RDS from scratch” in one post. So here I’m decided to start my own blog!!

Many of my post

  • Will be my own experience working with many areas in tech world
  • Will be step by step so you can follow step and get things to work at least point you in the right direction

Many of my post will be all over the place because I work in area and place where I use all kind of IT and gears. May be this will be useful to you or may be laugh at it saying what a idiot!!!

Well if it is useful I”ll be delighted and pardon my grammar and mistakes cause I’m a tech and not and English teacher.


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